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Erotic VIP massage – full relaxation with a variety of massage techniques

Erotic VIP massage

Girl on a rockYou will need free time to relax like a king. But erotic VIP massage is worth the hours spent on it. From the first minutes, the client dives into the world of their fantasies, bliss and caresses of the masseuse. All worries and tension disappear as soon as the girl touches the man’s body.

Erotic VIP massage is a symbiosis of various techniques and techniques that allow you to achieve the highest bliss

This vacation can take up to five hours. During this time, the man will be able to plunge into the world of magic that creates one or more elegant nymphs. The action begins in the spacious Jacuzzi. Body-related flows from hydro – and Aero-massagers will produce initial relaxation of the body.

Pleasant scents, iridescent multi-colored tones of foam, naked nymphs will plunge into a beautiful world of luxury and gloss. Light drinks will brighten up your stay in the Jacuzzi even more. This is the prelude that only begins erotic VIP massage in the salon. The water treatment lasts about half an hour.

The main part of erotic VIP massage – enchanting moments of bliss and bliss

After the Jacuzzi, you will find a massage room where you will experience the best massage practices:

  • classic;
  • Eastern;
  • ancient Indian.

The action will begin with a classic massage. The traditional technique of rubbing, kneading the muscles, stroking and pinching the skin performed by a girl will not leave without touching a single millimeter of your body. You will leave fatigue, worries and troubles.

Eastern practice, which is part of the erotic VIP massage, is represented by The shiatsu technique. The impact is directed at the energy points of the human body. Massage performed by a naked girl will give you cheerfulness, a surge of strength. You will be touched by the lovely shape of a nymph. Her body will be fully involved in performing the massage.

Gliding barely touching your body, and at certain times and strongly pressing the masseuse will Wake up the forces of sexual energy. At the final moment, the ancient Indian practice, lingam massage, will be applied. With special gentle and gentle movements, the girl will bring you to a fantastically pleasant orgasm, a useful therapy for men.

After a massage shower, a Cup of fragrant tea will allow you to recover from the unprecedented sensations. Your body will feel light, get a charge of positive energy. Physical relaxation to release the muscles. The psychological state will reach complete harmony.

A visitor to the salon will be able to expand the erotic VIP massage with their wishes. For full enjoyment, use the session with several girls. In this type of massage, it is allowed to touch the female body, responding to the received caresses. At the request of the visitor, additional services can be included in the VIP massage.

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