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Erotic massage with departure to you

Erotic massage with departure to you

To get pleasure from erotic massage, which will make you an attractive masseuse, you do not have to come to our salon. For our clients, the service of erotic massage with departure to your home is available. Colossal pleasure right from the comfort of your home is possible if you call our salon and order an erotic massage with departure to you.

How is an off-site erotic massage performed

Blonde in the shadeYou can order an erotic massage service with departure to you by phone or on our website. Choose the masseuse that you like the most. All our masseuses have a high level of skill in performing erotic massage and anyone can give you a huge pleasure. In addition, in our salon, you can order the departure of two girls to you for an erotic massage.

If you are used to a special approach and vip service, then erotic massage “double pleasure” at your home is what will satisfy all your needs. Two beautiful girls will make an erotic massage at the highest level, so that you are not only satisfied with the massage session, but also want to repeat this pleasure again and again.

You do not need to prepare for receiving a masseuse in any special way, because everything that is necessary for carrying out an erotic massage with departure to you will be brought by the masseuse. Special aroma oils, the smell of which will help you relax, feel the atmosphere of intimacy, and thanks to which the masseuse’s hands will gently slide over your body during the massage.

Also, at your request, the masseuse will be able to turn on music that has to create an intimate environment, to relax and have fun.

A special atmosphere will be created immediately after the arrival of the masseuse to you.

After all, our girls are able to seduce and set you up in the right way for erotic massage.

Erotic massage with departure to you the girl-masseuse conducts almost naked. You will feel aroused literally as soon as she begins to take off her clothes. Then she will start a General relaxing massage that will help you tune in to the right wave.

Smoothly and gently, the masseuse will switch to more intimate massage techniques to give you vivid emotions. Our masseuses know the secrets of a successful erotic massage, so that you get pleasure during the session repeatedly.

At your request, and if you have a Jacuzzi or a comfortable bath at home, you can order an erotic Aqua massage service from you. In the water, you will be able to relax even more, to feel more acutely all the pleasant moments that will give you a masseuse of our salon.

The standard service erotic massage with departure to you does not include services of a sexual nature, so sexual contact with the masseuse is unacceptable. But with pre-reached agreements with the salon Manager, the massage therapist will be able to realize all your desires and fantasies. And it’s not just about erotic massage.

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