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Erotic massage for women as a healing and strengthening agent

Erotic massage for women

Girl with big BreastsIn the list of ways to relax and experience pleasant sensations, erotic massage for women is not the last place. Coming to us from the ancient practices of Indian sexual culture, erotic massage of the female body turned from a ritual into a strengthening and healing tool. Let’s take a closer look at its effect on health.

Not only fun

It would be a mistake to consider erotic massage for women only as a source of pleasant physical sensations. No less important are its purely physiological aspects. Competent and high-quality massage eliminates such an unpleasant phenomenon as blood stagnation in the ovaries and other pelvic organs, which, in turn, can cause chronic pain. And the endorphins released during massage both increase the level of immunity and improve the work of the heart muscle and blood vessels.

The complete relaxation that a woman experiences during a session has a highly positive effect on the nervous system. According to some reports, regular erotic massage is able to get rid of such debilitating ailments as chronic fatigue syndrome and neurocirculatory dystonia. But its true potential is revealed in the sexual sphere. It is proved that erotic massage for women increases their libido, allows you to better feel your body and its capabilities, removes complexes, expands the range of sensory sensations.

General recommendation

To fully experience the positive effects of erotic massage, you need to follow a few simple rules before the session, namely:

1. Do not overeat (it is better that a couple of hours pass after the meal).
2. Do not abuse alcohol (for example, a glass of champagne).
3. In case of high fever or other pronounced painful symptom, reschedule the session.

But fatigue or bad mood will not be a hindrance, on the contrary: after a session of erotic massage, they will disappear without a trace.

Sometimes the question is asked: how often can I do it? As often as you see fit: this healing agent has no side effects.

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