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Erotic massage for couples: an adventure that awakens sensuality

Erotic massage for couples

When it comes to erotic massage, most people imagine salons “only for men”, where seductive damsels bestow gentle caresses on visitors. And the description is generally correct, with one exception-modern massage parlors have long ceased to provide services only to representatives of the strong half of humanity. Today they offer them not only to lovely ladies-erotic massage for couples is in great demand.

Portrait of a brunetteWho is in demand for this service? First of all, people who have entered the path of sexual experiments and decided to try something new, but not too extreme. For them, this service is a way to get an unusual experience. As a rule, such couples “order” themselves traditional massage therapists-girls.

Also, people who have been together for a long time often come to the salons, they have tried a lot, but the old fire has started to go out. For them, erotic massage for couples is a great way to awaken feelings and look at each other with the same desire. As a rule, they choose the opposite sex to massage therapists.

This service is also suitable for those who have just started to learn about each other, especially if both partners are inexperienced: they will be able to quickly liberate themselves and discover all the delights of the sensual world of sex.

Steam massage is a very special technique that is very different from individual services. Since it is designed to help refresh emotions and relationships, massage therapists here are focused not on showing themselves to the client, but on allowing guests to demonstrate their new sensual side to each other. In addition, it is in a sense training, when partners can observe what erogenous zones and sensitive points a professional finds on the body of another.

Girl with a handkerchiefHowever, there is also an option when sessions are held in different rooms, but it is rarely chosen.

The basis of this massage is light relaxing movements. They sort of set the stage for further action. After that, the actual erotic massage for couples begins, which involves two scenarios. In the first case, partners enjoy the service from beginning to end, rising to the top in front of each other. The second assumes for them the opportunity to finish what they started with ordinary sex. The most exciting thing is that the masseuses can not only leave the couple, but also remain as observers, if clients want.

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