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Erotic massage for men: history and modernity.

Erotic massage for men

Blonde sitting on the bedAlthough many believe that erotic massage for men appeared twenty or thirty years ago, it is actually an ancient phenomenon of erotic culture. The first mention of it refers to 2-3 thousand BC.

From the ritual in the temple to the Royal Palace

It is known that erotic massage for men was part of religious rituals in the temples of Ancient India and Babylon, where it was performed by priestesses and temple dancers. In Ancient China, the attitude was more pragmatic: massage was part of the services provided by courtesans.

In ancient Greece and Rome, intimate massage techniques were part of the hetaera training course. In the middle ages, these traditions were partially lost, but in the Renaissance, erotic massage for men is again becoming commonplace. In addition to courtesans, they were engaged in bath attendants at public baths.

In the gallant era, professional erotic massage has become an integral part of the life of European aristocrats. He was especially loved by the French king and a great lover of pleasure, Louis the Fifteenth, who kept a “harem”, which included professional masseuses. We owe them many of the techniques of intimate massage for men, which are still used today.

Erotic massage for men these days

In the 20th century, erotic massage in many countries ceases to be perceived as something vicious, associated with the secret sides of life – with the exception of the USSR, China and other social countries, where it took place, if it took place, then in private and semi-underground conditions. That’s why erotic massage became widespread in our country only in the 1990s. but today it has turned from a privilege of kings into a pleasure available to almost everyone.

The popularity of erotic massage is caused by the improvement of techniques and options. Today, customers have access to a variety of its types – from ethnic to health. You no longer need to fly to Thailand to fully experience the alternation of energy relaxation and excitement characteristic of erotic massage. And although more and more women, wanting to give pleasure to their loved ones, are learning the techniques of intimate massage, yet nothing compares with high-quality professional performance, and most men turn to salons.

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